Vernon Kitchen Cabinets, Custom Made to Order

Our motto has always been and always will be “If you can dream it, we can build it”. Kitchen cabinets, like furniture and interior design, define the space we live in and your cabinet design and space should always reflect your vision and style. Our pride is found within our products; locally sourced and built in your own community, by the people who live here. We refuse to compromise service and cabinet quality for price.

Custom Cabinets Without Limits

Custom Kitchen Cabinets, also known as “true custom”, can be built to conform with very specific measurements and limitations. Unlike prefabricated cabinets offered by large retail chains, custom cabinets are far more versatile and will easily fit your needs and measurements without limitations. These cabinets also offer virtually unlimited style and colour options. Planning a kitchen or bathroom renovation makeover? You may want to compare what custom cabinets can offer to help make your next project successful.

Quality and Quantity.

Materials that are utilized for our custom cabinetry are always from local sources, and this fact is important to our clients. These materials are sure to meet with your highest quality of standards. The wood material itself has a much more solid feel because it typically has a higher density and, for this reason, the cabinets will last for many years to come. Because the material quality is more dense and rigid, it can allow for cabinet designs to flow – by eliminating the need for a higher number of supports, such as moldings and centre stiles, when compared with lower quality cabinets. And because there is a natural reduction in support materials, we can produce cabinets that allow you to utilize more physical cabinet area. Quality custom cabinets are about getting a design that is all your own, with a quality that speaks for itself.

Low Cost Cabinet Options: Buyer Beware

You may have heard many Vernon cabinet companies describing their lower end cabinets as “high quality”, when clearly – to even the untrained eye, this is not the case. Because cabinet makers work within an industry with few guidelines regulating how producers choose to label their merchandise, common sense can save you from making a poor decision. We encourage you to ask questions about the materials used to make the cabinets, and where they originate. While Canada has strict guidelines and tolerances with regard to manufacturing building materials containing formaldehyde, companies that manufacture the same materials overseas are exempt. Buyer beware.

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